On Eternal Patrol, G – J

Carl Randolph Gaddis, QM2(SS) – Passed away January 9, 2014 in Round Hill, Virginia.
Born: Apr 22, 1952.
Blue Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1979 to 1982.

David Ronald Gagnon, MM2(SS) – Passed away from cancer on May 26, 2004 in Berwick,
Born: Aug 20, 1956.
Gold Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1980.
Survived by his son David and daughter Denise.

Jose Luis Galvan, LT – Passed away February 9, 2013 in Poulsbo, Washington.
Born: May 22, 1955.
Blue and Gold Crews.
Dates Aboard: 1984 to 1987.
Buried in Cherry Grove Memorial Park, Poulsbo, Washington.
Survived by his wife Patricia and children Jennifer and Phillip.
Career History: Graduated from the Naval Academy in 1977. Served aboard the
USS George Washington and the USS Ulysses S. Grant. After his military service,
he continued his service as an Electronics Engineer for NUWC.

Ronald B. Geer, MM1(SS) – Passed away, May 28, 2017, in Hermiston, Oregon
Born: December 28, 1937
Nickname: Ron
Blue Crew
Dates Aboard: 1964 to 1968,
Career History: Ron joined the United States Navy and during his career he served
as a mechanic until his honorable discharge.

George F. Geisler, Jr., MM2(SS) – Passed away May 24, 2008 in Ogden, Utah.
Born: Dec 11, 1943.
Gold Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1967 to 1968.

Robert Clayton Gentry, PO3(SS) – Passed away August 18, 2011 in Lorain, Ohio.
Born: July 7, 1952.
Nickname: Bob.
Dates Aboard: 1973 to 1974.
Survived by his wife Carol and sons Gregory and Shawn.

Michael A. George, MMCS(SS) – Passed awayJanuary 25, 2004 in Pensacola, Florida.
Born: May 8, 1942.
Blue Crew COB.
Dates Aboard: 1980 to 1981.
Buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida.
Retired as Master Chief Petty Officer MMCM(SS).

Willie Vanburan Gist, Jr., SD3(SS) – Passed away August 20, 2009 in Fairfax, South
Born: Sept 30, 1931.
Gold Crew Plank Owner.
Dates Aboard: 1964 to 1965.
Buried in Beaufort National Cemetery, Beaufort, South Carolina.

Howard Allen Gniffke, CPO(SS) – Passed away September 22, 2011 in Sioux Falls, South
Born: Oct 30, 1946.
Dates Aboard: 1973 to 1975.
Career History: Served 21 years in the Navy. Retired in 1987.

Alfred Joseph Goebal, ETN2(SS) – Passed away May 15, 2015in Bradenton, FL
Born: May 6, 1944
Gold Crew Plank Owner
Dates Aboard: 1964-1966
Buried in Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Madison, Indiana
Survived by son John, daughters Denise and Pam, brothers Richard and Vincent, sister-
law Becky, brother-law Don, six grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and several
nieces, nephews and other relatives.
Career History: Served on USS Swordfish SSN 579. Earned a Bachelor of Science in
Mathematics and Economics from Indiana State in1972. Worked for 30 years at J. I.
Case as a Manufacturing Engineer. Retired in 1999. He was a member of the USS U. S.
Grant Association, Moose Lodge, American Legion, and VFW.

Timothy Edward George Goodrow, HMCM(SS) – Passed away October 9, 2009 in
Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Born: Jan 7, 1951.
Gold Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1978 to 1980.
Survived by three sons and a daughter.
Buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
Career History: Retired from U.S. Navy after 24 years. Second career with
Department of Defense.

Matthew Albert Gower, MM3(SS) – Passed away June 5, 2004 in Dublin, Texas.
Born: July 15, 1950.
Dates Aboard: 1975 to 1976.

Robert Lee Gozia, TM3(SS) – Died November 18, 2013 in Rochester, New York.
Born: Apr 16, 1952.
Nickname: “Bobby”.
Gold Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1972 to 1974.
Survived by wife Donna, son Robert and daughter MaDonna.

Robert G. Grabowski, FTBC(SS) – Passed away April 13, 2016 in Goose Creek, South
Born: June 16, 1944 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Blue Crew
Dates Aboard: 1975 to 1977.
Survived by his wife Penny; son Robert; daughters Kathleen Lynn M. Badders; six
Grandchildren; five great-children; sisters Pat and Elaine; and brothers Paul and David.
Preceded in death by his first wife Peg.
Career History: Richard retired as a Master Chief Fire Control Technician. He was a
Member of the USS Ulysses S. Grant Alumni Association and the Fleet Reserve Sub
Vets, Goose Creek.

Gary Maben Gray, ET1(SS) – Passed away May 29, 2011 in Poulsbo, Washington.
Born: Sept 1, 1942.
Blue Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1968 to 1971.
Survived by wife Christine, daughters Jeanette and Jolene and sons Jonathan and Jason.
Career History: Joined the Navy in 1966 and retired with Honorable Discharge in
May of 1990. Retired as a Senior Chief Petty Officer – ETCS(SS).

Douglas Alan Green, MM1(SS) – Passed away September 11, 2010 in Roanoke, Texas.
Born: Oct 4, 1943.
Blue Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1966 to 1968.
Survived by wife Charlene, daughter Amy and son Lee and 4 grandchildren.
Buried in Fayetteville National Cemetery, Fayette, Arkansas.

Robert W. Greife, Sr., TMC(SS) – Passed away December 16, 2001 in Camdenton,
Born: May 17, 1926.
Gold Crew Plank Owner.
Dates Aboard: 1964 to 1965.
Survived by wife Linda.
Buried in Dale Blair Memorial Cemetery, Camdenton, Missouri.

Richard Allen Groder, LT – Passed away Oct 10, 2006 in Carollton, Virginia.
Born: Feb 1, 1937.
Gold Crew Plank Owner – Assistant Weapons Officer.
Dates Aboard: 02/64 to 07/67.
Dick is survived by his wife Mary and four children, Dick, Margot, Elizabeth and Jack.
Career History: Commanding Officer of USS Baracuda (SS-T3).
Officer in Charge of Naval Guided Missile School Detachment in Norfolk.
Dick loved to hunt and fish. Retired CDR in 1984.
Memories: Believe the words painted on DD Ault to be “SS Omar Mung” vs “Bang,
You’re Sunk”. MT’s John Darling and Dave Ward should know which
Lieutenants name was painted on Cape Canaveral’s’ Water Tower.

Gary A. Guenzi, MTCM(SS) – Passed away September 10, 2008 in Canton, Ohio.
Born: Feb 4, 1948.
Blue Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1969 to 1974.
Buried in Ohio National Cemetery.

Kenneth Mckelle Gunter, MM2(SS) – Passed away January 4, 1996 in Woodbury,
Born: Apr 3, 1939.
Blue & Gold Crew Plank Owner.
Dates Aboard: 1964 to 1968.

Steve M. Hackett, TMSN(SS) – Passed away August 1, 1978 in Parkersburg, West Virginia.
Born: Mar 19, 1943.
Blue Crew Plank Owner.
Dates Aboard: 1964 to 1966.

David H. Hall, MM1(SS) – Died June 2, 1982 in a motorcycle accident in Hawaii.
Gold & Shipyard Crew
Dates Aboard: 1970-1972
Buried in Sauk County, Wisconsin.
Career History: Diesel Maintenance Instructor at FBMSTC Charleston and served on
a fast Attack Submarine in Hawaii

Leroy Hamilton, CS1(SS) – Passed away November 22, 2005 in San Angelo, Texas.
Born: July 19, 1927.
Gold Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1967.
Suvived by his wife Opal, daughter Bobbie and sons Ken and Terry.
Buried in Lawnhaven Memorial Gardens in San Angelo, Texas.
Retired as Senior Chief Petty Officer CSC(SS).
Veteran of World War II and Korean War.

Larry R. Hammond, EM1(SS) – Passed away October 15, 2012 in Hawley, Pennsylvania.
Born: Nov 25, 1938.
Blue Crew Plank Owner.
Dates Aboard: 1964 to 1965.
Survived by his wife Robin and daughters Kathryn, Lauren, Lisa and sons Steven,
Jeffrey and Christopher.
Career History: Retired after 10 years service as Chief Petty Officer – EMC(SS).
Qualified in Submarines aboard the USS Carp (SS 339).
After his service, Larry was employed for 25 years at IBM as Director of Security.
He owned and operated PC Smart and PC 2000 in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Richard Lee Harbaugh, RMC(SS) – Passed away on March 3, 2000 in Louisville, Ohio.
Born: Mar 12, 1933.
Gold Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1967 to 1970.
Career History: Richard enlisted in 1952 and retired in 1974.

Ronald Lee Harrie, FA(SU) – Passed away February 21, 2014 in Montgomery Creek,
Born: Aug 16, 1946.
Gold Crew Plank Owner.
Dates Aboard: 1964 to 1965.

Joseph W. Harris, ETN2(SS) – Passed away, October 2, 2017, in New Cumberland,
Born: November 18, 1942
Gold Crew Plank Owner
Dates Aboard: 1963 to 1965
Preceded in death by his wife Catherine Mary and son, Raymond.
Interned l at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, Hanover Twp.
Career History: Joseph retired as a Chief Electronics Technician from Three Mile
Island and prior to that, served as a Submariner having been stationed in Groton,
CT, Hawaii, and San Diego, CA. He was a life member of VFW Post 7415, New
Cumberland and was active with Boy Scouts of America.

Ronald Wayne Harris, MMC(SS) – Passed away January 27, 2014 in Salina, Kansas.
Born: Feb 13, 1947.
Gold Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1975 to 1977.
Burial at Sea.
Career History: Served 20 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring in 1985.

Lloyd Ray Hart, ET2(SS) – Passed away August 2, 2011 in Lexington, Tennessee.
Blue Crew
Dates Aboard: 1971-1974

William Leroy Hatcher, FTB1(SS) – Passed away October 20, 2004 in Prescott, Arizona.
Born: Feb 8, 1939.
Nickname: “Lee” and “Sally”.
Gold Crew Plank Owner.
Dates Aboard: 1963 to 1966.
William is survived by his partner Mary Lahann, two daughters, Cambria Grelle
and Leanne Youngren and grandson Lane Youngren.
Career History: William (Bill or Lee) joined the Navy in 1957 and served in the
U.S. Submarine Force for 10 years. He served aboard the USS Rock SSR274, the USS
U.S. Grant SSBN631, the USS Tecumseh SSBN628 and the USS Bugara SS331. After
his military service, Bill traveled the world with Motorola Field Services for 20 years
before starting his own successful carpet cleaning business
in Prescott, Arizona. He retired at age 62 and became a full time student pursuing an
agri-business degree. He was a member of the USSVI Perch Base Group of
Phoenix, Arizona.

Jimmie Joe Hatchett, ET2(SS) – Passed away July 25, 2006 in Conway, Arkansas.
Born: Jan 30, 1954.
Dates Aboard: 1975 to 1978.

Fred P. Haverkamp Jr, EN1(SS) – Passed away September 30, 2017
Gold Crew Plank Owner
Dates Aboard: 1964 to 1965
Preceded in death by his first wife, Georgetta, his second wife Martha “Bobbi” and a
grandson, Matthew. Survived by two brothers Raymond and Carl, three sisters
Emma, Millie, and Elizabeth., ten grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren.
Buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Milford, Ohio.
Career History: Retired as an MMC(SS)

Donald Lamar Hayes, RMC(SS) – Passed away January 2, 2005 in Albany, Georgia.
Born: May 7, 1940.
Gold Crew Plank Owner.
Dates Aboard: 09/63 to 08/65. (1 patrol)
Donald is survived by his wife Beverly and his daughter Monica.
Career History: Donald was a native of Wigham, Georgia and had lived in
Albany since 1979. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Albany Junior
College. He was very involved as a host in the Exchange Student Program. He was
retired from the Navy and had received various awards. He served aboard
the USS Sterlet, USS Tiru, USS U.S. Grant and the USS Finback. His
interests included woodworking, camping and traveling. He was a good shipmate and
will be dearly missed.

Alexander W. Hazuda, Jr., YNC(SS) – Passed away February 3, 2005 in Evans, Georgia.
Born: Mar 20, 1941.
Nickname: Al/Alex/Yeo.
Blue Crew.
Dates Aboard: 07/75 to 04/77.
Career History: Served on USS Permit, SSN594 from 1969 to 1972. Served on
USS U.S. Grant, SSBN631 from 1975 to 1977 where he was commissioned a
Warrant Officer (CWO2). Served on Simon Lake, AS33 from 1977 to 1979 and
the Canopus, AS34 from 1979 to 1980. Originally from Ft. Lewis, Washington.

Benjamin William Heber, MMC(SS) – Passed away November 23, 2009 in Summerville,
South Carolina.
Born: May 13, 1940.
Blue Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1973 to 1976.

Robert Garth Hecker, Sr., YN1(SS) – Passed away unexpectedly August 16, 2015 in East
Lyme, Connecticut.
Born: February 20, 1961
Nickname: Rob
Blue Crew.
Dates Aboard: 1985 to 1988.
Survived by his mother Marie, sons Robert, Jr., Matthew and Timothy, daughter Rachel,
brothers Dale and Raymond, sisters Rosemary and Deborah Hinman, and five
Buried with full military honors at Jordan Cemetery, Waterford, Connecticut.
Career History: Rob enlisted in the Navy in 1979 and separated in 1988. He qualified
In submarines while onboard he USS Ulysses S. Grant. Rob was a member of USSVI
Groton Base and was the Post Commander of the Waterford VFW Post 6573. He also
was the Director of the Connecticut Chapter of Honor and Remember. Rob had a
contagious sense of humor, a generous nature, love of all veterans, courage, leadership,
and decisiveness.

William R. Henry, SO1(SS) – Passed away November 16, 1974 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Blue Crew Plank owner
Dates Aboard: 1964-1965
Career History: Retired as CWO2(SS)

Edward “Ed” Anthony Hernandez, passed away September 16, 2015, in the Yale-New
Haven Hospital surrounded by his loving family and friends.
Born: September 13, 1944 in Jerome, Arizona
Blue Crew
Dates Aboard: 1965-1968
Survived by his wife Terry; son Timothy: daughter Robin; brother Stephen; three
grandsons; along with many nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by his father
Isidiro, mother Mary, and sister S. Christina.
Buried at East Lyme Cemetery, Connecticut with military honors.
Career History: Qualified in Submarines aboard the USS U.S. Grant (SSBN631) in

  1. He also served on the Seahorse (SSN669). After 28 years of combined active and
    reservist duty he retired as a MMC(SS). Ed was a member of both the USSVI
    Groton Base and American Legion. Sebastian Hernandez, MMCS(SS) – Passed away, January 25, 2017, in Goose Creek,
    South Carolina
    Gold Crew
    Dates Aboard: 1969 to 1971
    Survived by his wife Daisy Bell Foutch Hernandez
    Career: History: Sebastian served in the Unites States Navy for 28 years. He retired
    as a Master Chief. He then taught school in Berkeley and Charleston County for 22
    years. Sebastian devoted his life to his family and community. He continued to touch
    many lives as a sports official and director in South Carolina. He officiated high
    school football, baseball, wrestling, and softball for 45 years. Captain William Herndon, Captain – Passed away in January of 1977 in Virginia.
    Born: Dec 20, 1928.
    Blue Crew Commanding Officer.
    Dates Aboard: 09/65 to 03/68. Paul Keith Herring Sr, FTB2(SS) – Passed away, March 6, 2013, in Chesapeake,
    Blue Crew
    Dates Aboard: 1973 to 1976
    Preceded in death by his wife Claudia Kay.
    Career History: Paul retired as a Master Chief from the United States Navy with
    32 years of service and was a member of the Loyal Order of the Moose Jerry Thornton Hickman, MM1(SS) – Passed away March 5, 2009 in Aiken, South
    Born: Oct 12, 1947.
    Blue Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1970 to 1974.
    Suvived by wife Mary, daughter Amanda , sons David and Timothy and 2
    Buried in South lawn Cemetery in Aiken, South Carolina. Charles Leo Hicks – MM1(SS) – Passed away August 15, 1999 in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
    Born: Aug 19, 1947.
    Blue Crew – Leading Petty Officer for ‘M’ Division.
    Dates Aboard: 1977 to 1980. Stephen J. Hicks, MM3(SS) – Passed away November 18, 2008 in Meridian, Idaho.
    Born: Nov 26, 1944.
    Blue Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1966.
    Buried at Meridian Cemetery in Meridian, Idaho. Ross E. Hieatt, MM2(SS) – Passed away June 23, 2004 in Baxter, Tennessee.
    Born: Mar 15, 1945.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1967 to 1968.
    Retired as a Master Chief Petty Officer. MMCM(SS). John Patrick Hoban, Jr., FTGSN(SS) – Died in auto accident on August 3, 1981 in Rhode
    Born: Feb 17, 1959.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1979 to 1980.
    Buried at Saint Peters Cemetery in Poughkeepsie, New York.
    Career History: Earned the rank of FTG2(SS). Serving on USS Shark SSN-591
    when he died in auto accident. William Joseph Honadle, LCDR – Passed away May 3, 2016 in St. Petersburg, Florida.
    Born: November 23, 1937 in Winder, Pennsylvania.
    Nickname: Bill
    Blue Crew Executive Officer.
    Dates Aboard: 1971 to 1972.
    Survived by his wife Christine.
    Career History: Bill graduated from Winder High School in 1955 and went on to
    Graduate, with honors, from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. He was
    highly decorated in his Naval Service with five Polar Pins. Bill retired as head of the
    Propulsion Systems Maintenance Planning Division for Nuclear Submarines. David Lee Hoff, SN(SU) – Passed away, Sept 18, 2013, in Meridian, Indiana
    Blue Crew Plank Owner
    Dates Aboard: 1963
    Career History: David achieved the rank of ET2(SU) Anthony Joseph Hope, ETC(SS) – Passed away August 31, 1998 in Friendswood, Texas.
    Born: October 12, 1944.
    Blue Crew Plank Owner.
    Dates Aboard: 1964 to 1966.
    Career History: Served on the USS U.S. Grant as an ETR3 and the USS Lafayette.
    He is buried in the Houston National Cemetery in Texas. William J. Horve, STS3(SS) – Passed away April 30, 2009 in Decatur, Illinois.
    Born: Jan 30, 1959.
    Nickname: “Bill”.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1977 to 1981.
    Buried at Macon County Memorial Park, Harristown, Illinois. John Robert Howell, ET1(SS) – Passed away on December 20, 2017, at the Adler Center
    for Caring in Sterling, Virginia.
    Nickname: Jack
    Shipyard Crew Plank Owner
    Dates Aboard: 1962 to 1964
    Career History: John was first on-board USS Grant in Nov. 1962. USS Grant Keel
    was laid in Aug. 1962. John was a carpenter who built the family home, a Navy
    veteran and a kind man who appreciated the simple things in life: his trusty Navy
    hat, a good book, assorted candy, black coffee and his antler deer cane. He loved
    crab cake sandwiches and trying to catch the flying shrimp at his favorite birthday
    restaurant Otani. Most of all, he cherished his time with others: joking with his
    friends, hanging with his niece Patty, having dinner with daughter Lori, bumming
    cigarettes from daughter Lisa, eating Korean with daughter Kimmy, going shooting
    with his son-in-law Rick and spending time with his youngest looking daughter,
    Karen. His grandchildren were special to him and he cherished his photos of them.
    John was tough but had a special place in his heart for pugs – especially Rex, Petunia,
    and Mr. Belvedere. Demain O’Neill Huggins, MM1(SS) – Died in motorcycle accident on Sept 15, 1987
    in Long Island, New York.
    Born: Oct 18, 1925.
    Nickname: “Bear”.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 06/78 to 12/82. Keith R. Hutchison, MS3(SS) – Passed away April 28, 2014 in Dryden, New York.
    Born: Jun 14, 1954.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1977 to 1979.
    Survived by his wife Shari.
    Career History: Member of first brother team to serve on the USS Grant at the
    same time. Brother Dennis C. Hutchison MS3(SS) served on the Gold Crew with
    his brother Keith. Thomas Vincent Iaquinto, YN2(SS) – Passed away April 7, 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida.
    Born: Jun 5, 1945.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1972 to 1974. Kenneth Paul Jacobs MMCS(SS) – Passed away August 25, 2018 in Sioux Falls, South
    Born: October 31, 1942
    Blue Crew MM1(SS)
    Dates Aboard: 1965 to 1967
    Preceded in death by his first wife Beverly and is survived by his second wife Jane.
    children Terry, Timothy, Angels and Kenneth Jr., 2 sisters, 6 grandchildren, and 4
    great grandchildren.
    A memorial and burial service was held on September 15, 2018 in Rigby, Idaho.
    Career; Kenneth enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1942 and was a 20-year veteran of
    the Nuclear Power Fleet. After retirement from the Navy Kamath worked for various
    nuclear power utility companies. He enjoyed following his favorite sport teams,
    golfing and bowling. David Jimenez, LTJG – Passed away April 6, 1987 at age of 24.
    Died in accident in heavy seas. Swept off missile deck into sea.
    Born: Sept 8, 1962.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1986 to 1987.
    Career History: Lt. Jimenez was a native of Puerto Rico. Enlisted in Navy on Sept 18,
    1981 John Edward Johnson, MMC(SS) – Passed away in Port Saint Lucie, FL on June 24, 2016
    Born: New London, Connecticut on May 15, 1936
    Dates Aboard: 1970 to 1973
    Survived by his wife Beverly; daughters Kim, Michelle and Kelly; sons, Robert, Dale,
    James and John; sister Jean, 14 Grandchildren and 5 Great Grandchildren.
    Career History: John served 20 years in the Navy and retired as Chief Petty Officer.
    After his Naval Submarine Service John worked as a Field Engineer on projects
    retrofitting nuclear power plants Reginald Johnson, QM(SS) – Passed away on July 3, 2004 in Chicago, Illinois.
    Born: Sept 18, 1957.
    Blue Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1979.
    Buried at Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois. Carl Bruce Jones, ET2(SS) – Passed away December 18, 2005 in Mesa, Arizona.
    Born: July 31, 1951.
    Blue Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1972 to 1973 and 1976 to 1977.
    Survived by wife Melodie and daughters Carla and Tricia. Charlie Iley Jones, TMC(SS) – Passed away May 21, 2013 in Mayfield, Utah.
    Born: July 13, 1937.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1967 to 1968.
    Survived by wife Carol and sons Steven, Mark and Scott.
    Buried at Redwood Memorial Estates in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Career History: Served 20 years in U.S. Navy Submarine Service. After
    his military career, Charlie was employed as a Purchasing Agent for International
    Paper Company until he retired.