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I am delighted to invite you to join the USS Ulysses S. Grant Alumni Association.  The time that we spent together in the submarine community seems to pass into memory faster than most of us are willing to admit. 
The USS ULYSSES S. GRANT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION is a fraternal organization of United States Navy Submariners who served aboard the nuclear powered fleet ballistic missile submarine USS Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN 631).   The USS Ulysses S. Grant Alumni Association is the formal continuation of the USS Grant Forum established by Michael Arterburn MT2(SS), Plank Owner.  The primary purpose of the Association is to locate and record the status of all officers and enlisted men who served on the USS U.S. Grant from the keel laying on August 18, 1962 thru her disposal in the Submarine Recycling Program on October 23, 1993 and to encourage and support the ongoing communication and friendship among its members.  The Association will maintain a sailing list and contact information of all shipmates, periodically issue newsletters and special bulletins and organize and host formal reunions for the benefit and camaraderie of its membership.
This is a membership drive and it will be an on-going effort.  There will be dues of $10.00 collected every two years that will be used to support mailings and administrative fees associated with our website or you may choose a lifetime membership for $50.00 to match the lifetime friendships you formed.  The membership fee is used to distribute a newsletter, a logbook of shipmate information, and an online forum where shipmates can share ideas and postings.
As a member you will receive a USS ULYSSES S. GRANT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION membership card and access to contact information for all Grant shipmates.
Fair Winds and Following Seas
Jim DeBlasio 
Membership Coordinator

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