On Eternal Patrol, U – Z

Andrew N. Urbanc, Captain(MC) – Passed away May 20, 2001 in Fallbrook, California.
Born: May 4, 1926.
Nickname: “Andy” & “Doc”
Gold Crew Plank Owner. Medical Officer.
Dates Aboard: 1963 to 1965.
Doctor Urbanc is survived by his wife of 53 years, Beverly Urbanc of Fallbrook, a
son and daughter-in-law Steven and Maeve Urbanc of Durango, Colorado, a daughter
and son-in-la Susan and Michael Flynn of Herald Harbor, Maryland and granddaughter
Anna Urbance of Durango.
Career History: Doc Urbanc was aboard the Grant from commissioning through
the Panama Canal on New Years Eve of 1964 and into port in Hawaii, where the Blue
Crew took over the boat. He was then transferred to the USS Ben Franklin, which was
under construction. He was a member of the commissioning crew of the Franklin and
made one patrol aboard her. Doc Urbanc was then reassigned to Subron Sixteen as the
Medical Officer in Rota, Spain for two years. He then returned to the states
and took a residency in Dermatology and practiced at Camp Pendleton for the next 10
years. He then retired from the military as a Captain, Medical Corps, and opened his
own private practice in Fallbrook, California. In January of 1990, he ‘retired from
everything’ (his words), and had been working with some researchers on Gulf
War illnesses.
Memories: The Doc had been searching for a submariner who was a crewman on the
ill-fated. Scorpion when he was the SUBRON 16 Medical Officer in Rota aboard the
tender Canopus. Dr. Urbanc had examined the crewman in May of 1968 and decided
he should stay with the medical unit on the tender for a few days. Arrangements were
then made for the crewman to fly home on one of the many Polaris Crew flights
that came to and from Rota for change of command. This Scorpion crewman
was spared from the tragedy of the Scorpion. Anyone who ever met Doctor
Andrew Urbanc would not soon forget him. He was a very pleasant person,
easy going, liked to chat with crewmembers, had a good sense of humor and most of all

  • – was a darn good Doctor. He will be remembered by many for the good man he was. James Thomas Valentine, MT2(SS) – Passed away December 9, 2009 in New Albin, Iowa
    due to an overdose of prescription drugs.
    Born; 1958
    Gold Crew
    Dates Aboard: 1979 to 1982. George C. Vanicek, ENC(SS) – Passed away November 15, 2005 in Murrieta, California.
    Born: Oct 20, 1937.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1967. William Herbert Vickers, ETCA(SS) – Passed away 15 July 1988 in Hanford, California.
    Born: June 2, 1931.
    Blue Crew Plank Owner.
    Dates Aboard: 1963 to 1965.
    Survived by wife Carol.
    Career History: Achieved the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer, ETCS(SS). Charles D. Viverette MMC(SS) – Passed away March 19, 2015. (Place unknow
    Born; 1954 in Union, Mississippi.
    Blue Crew MM3(SS)
    Dates Aboard; 1979 to 1982
    Survived by wife, Vanessa, children: Verges , Corves and Michele; four grandchildren and siblings Barbara, Glenda, Jacqueline and Kenneth.
    Buried with military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.
    Career History: After graduating from Moss Point High School and Jackson State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Charles joined the Moss Point Police Department and was later commissioned as an officer to the US Department of Defense (USDOD) – Navy. He proudly served his nation, for 22 years, primarily onboard Nuclear Submarines. Chief Petty Officer Viverette retired from the US Navy and began employment in the Program Management field for private and public entities for over a decade. Eager to serve his country again, Charles reunited with the USDOD as a civil servant at the Defense Logistics Agency, a combat support center. In his new role, as Program Manager, Charles was assigned to Fort Belvoir in Fairfax County, Virginia. Charles was the Chief Executive Officer of Comfort Controls, LLC a bi-coastal air conditioning and heating company he founded post naval retirement. He was an active member of the following organizations: St John the Evangelist Catholic Church of Clinton, MD, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and the Southern Soul Corvette Club of Clinton MD.
    Gary L. Wagner, ET1(SS) – Passed away May 26, 1996 in Houston, Texas.
    Born: Apr 23, 1953.
    Blue Crew Plank Owner
    Dates Aboard: 10/63 to 04/66.
    Gary is survived by his wife, Mary J. Wagner, a son Erich J. Wagner and his
    wife Sharon, a son Kurtis M. Wagner and his wife Ruth, a daughter Andrea J. Wagner
    and two grandchildren, Alex and Austin, sons of Erich and Sharon.
    Career History: Gary graduated from Submarine School in Groton in 1958,
    attended “B” school at Treasure Island, CA and Navdac Tech School in Dam Neck,
    VA. Gary served on the USS Cavalla (SS244) from 1958-60, the USS
    Seawolf (SSN575) from 1960-61. Gary worked at N.C
    National Bank in Charlotte, NC after leaving the service in 1966. In October of 1967,
    he went to Houston to work for Lockheed Electronics at NASA. Gary founded
    Computer Extension
    Systems Inc. (CESI) in Houston in 1977. The company is still owned by his wife
    Mary and his son, Kurt, who is now President of the firm.
    Memories: Gary loved to sail on his Catalina 30 sailboat and camp in the East
    Texas Piney Woods. His wife Mary remembers Gary’s excitement about the
    First Patrol out of Pearl Harbor in January of 1965. They enjoyed spending time
    at Sunset Beach at their home during the three month R&R’s. Gary loved
    having his “Guys” over to cookout and relax. Many of them were single and needed
    some place to go besides Honolulu. Gary was a good husband, father and
    shipmate. Although we will miss him, he will always be in our memories. Guy J. Wakefield, MT2(SS) – Passed away December 13, 2014 in Danielson, Connecticiut.
    Born: Jul 18, 1955.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1982 to 1983.
    Survived by son Glen.
    Buried at High Street Cemetery, Dayville, Connecticut. Robert G. Wallace, LT(MC) – Died 1968 of an overdose in Hawaii.
    Gold Crew
    Dates Aboard: 1968 Calvin O. Walton, TM1(SS) – Passed away Sept 13, 1997 in Charlotteville, Virginia.
    Born: May 1 1931.
    Nickname: “Wally”
    Gold Crew Plank Owner.
    Dates Aboard: 01/64 to 07/66.
    Survived by wife Arlene, three children, Pamela, Cindy and Kevin, and nine
    Buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia with full military honors.
    Career History: Served aboard USS Wasp (CV18), three diesel boats, the Tench, the
    Sea Robin and the Sea Leopard and three FBM’s, Thomas Edison, Ulysses S. Grant and
    the Henry L.Stimson. He was sworn in as TMC(SS) Walton upon reporting to
    the Stimson. Served as an Instructor at Submarine School in Groton, CT. He retired
    from Navy after 20 years on Sept 8, 1969. Wally was employed at Electric Boat in
    Groton for 22 years as a Test Operator Engineer. He spent the last two and one-hal
    years of employment at Vickers Shipyard in England as a consultant to the Royal Navy
    Trident Program.
    Memories: Calvin “Wally” Walton loved his family and his fellow submariners. He
    was a good husband and father and had a positive impact on all he touched.
    We will all miss this wonderful man. Rick Lee Wampole, TM1(SS) – Passed away on September 17, 2015 at the Luther Mayo
    Hospital in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
    Born: January 18, 1949 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
    Blue Crew
    Dates Aboard: 1978 to 1983
    Survived by wife Sandy; sons Shane, Eric, and Dean; parents John and Virginia Vitek;
    Stepdaughters Tammy McDonald, Lisa Lutz and Stacey Hessel; 15 grandchildren;
    brother Gary; and several nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, and uncles.
    Preceded in death by brother Craig Viteks; stepson T.J. Drabek; grandparents; the
    Balmers and Viteks; and mother of his sons, Judy Wampole.
    Buried in the dual veterans section of the Greenwood Cemetery in Hayward Wisconsin.
    Military honors were accorded by the U.S. Navy Honors Program and the Hayward
    American Legion Post 218.
    Career History: Joined the Navy on November 8, 1967. Served on the USS
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB42), then the USS Kamehameha (SSBN642)and USS
    Ulysses S. Grant(SSBN631). Rick was honorably discharged from the Navy and
    became a police officer, serving in Eau Claire and the state of Connecticut. He returned
    to Eau Claire and began work as an Army National recruiter and served from 1963 to
    1991 and retired from the Army as a Staff Sargent. In his time in service with the Navy
    and Army he had earned both the Army and Navy Good Conduct Medals, National
    Defense Service Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Meritorious Unit
    Commendation, SSBN Deterrent Patrol Pin with one silver star and four bronzes stars,
    ASW A Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Service Ribbon, NCO Professional
    Development ribbon, and Expert M-16 Badge. After he retired from the Army he
    returned to Hayward, where he became president of the Veterans Association, an active
    Member of the American Legion and a regular on the Veterans Military Honor Guard
    for military funeral services. On May 3, 1996 Rick was joined in marriage to Sandy
    Drabek. In his spare time he liked to hunt, fist and paint. He loved cooking and would
    cater out of the Veterans Center. He also enjoyed feeding the Hayward football team
    before a game. He will be remembered for his funny shirts, stupid jokes and his
    playfulness with his grandchildren. Russell Schmelling Washington, ICC(SS) – Passed away October 15, 2008 in Albany,
    Born: May 10, 1937.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1967. George Eugene Watson, MMCM(SS) – Passed away December 29, 2007 in San Marcos,
    Born: May 26, 1931.
    Nickname: “Gene”.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 12/65 to 07/68.
    Survived by his wife Mary and sons George and Robert Watson.
    Career History: Retired as a Warrant Officer in 1973. Served on USS St. Clair
    County (LST 1096) and the USS Paul Revere. Graduated Nuclear Power
    Training School in 1961 and then served on USS Tinosa (SSN606) and USS U.S. Grant
    (SSBN631). Received the Navy Achievement Medal Meritorious Unit Commendation
    while serving on the Grant. After retirement, he worked for SDG&E for 20 years at
    the Encina Power Plant as a Shift Supervisor. He retired in 1994. He was an avid
    bowler and bowled a perfect 300 game in 2000. Gene enjoyed playing cards and
    vacationing with his family in Hawaii. His leadership and loyalty to his shipmates are
    remembered by all. Douglas A. Watts, FN(SS) – Passed away September 2, 2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    Born: Nov 4, 1945.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1967.
    Career History: Retired as SGT in US Air Force. Willie Waugh, SD1(SS) – Passed away September 10, 1993 in Calverton, New York.
    Born: Nov 8, 1927.
    Blue Crew Plank Owner.
    Dates Aboard: 1964. Francis E. Weed, QM2(SS) – Passed away July 24, 1996 in Belton, South Carolina.
    Born: June 26, 1939.
    Gold Crew Plank Owner.
    Dates Aboard: 1964 to 1965.
    Buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in North Sedgwick, Maine. James Roy Wehner, LCDR – Passed away May 25, 1977 in Utah.
    Born: May 16, 1935.
    Blue Crew Plank Owner. Operations Officer.
    Dates Aboard: 1963 to 1965.
    Survived by his wife Joann and daughters Victoria and Janice.
    Buried at Garland Cemetery in Garland, Utah.
    Career History: Retired as LCDR. Also served on USS Chopper in Key West. Norman E. Welandt, CS2(SS) – Passed away December 17, 2007 in Spokane, Washington.
    Born: Apr 12, 1941.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1968.
    Career History: Retired as Senior Chief Petty Officer CSCS(SS). Richard T. Welzant, EN2(SS) – Passed away April 23, 2002 in Preston, Connecticut.
    Born: Mar 9, 1937.
    Nickname: “Weasel”.
    Gold Crew Plank Owner.
    Dates Aboard: 1963 to 1966.
    Survived by wife Caroline and son Richard Jr.
    Career History: Achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer, MMC(SS). George Herbert Wilcox Jr., RM2(SS) – Passed away August 22, 2000 in Charleston, South
    Born: May 29, 1948.
    Blue Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1970 to 1974.
    Buried at Whispering Pines Memorial Gardens, Strawberry, South Carolina.
    Career History: Retired from Navy in 1992 as Master Chief – RMCM(SS). Richard Allen Wilkins, Ensign – Passed away December 7, 2010 in Providence, Rhode
    Born: April 18, 1944.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1980.
    Survived by wife Jane and daughter Kellie.
    Buried in Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic, Connecticut.
    Career History: Retired from the Navy in 1984 with the rank of Lieutenant. Danny George Williams, STS3(SS) – Passed away May 28, 2000 in Seattle, Washington.
    Born: January 21, 1946.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1967 to 1968 (3 patrols).
    Career History: Served aboard the USS U.S. Grant and the USS Queenfish
    (SSN651). Jospeh Paul Williams, RM1(SS) – Passed away August 8, 1969 in Warwick, Rhode Island.
    Born: Apr 7, 1941.
    Blue Crew Plank Owner.
    Dates Aboard: 1964 to 1965.
    Buried at Pawtuxet Memorial Park in Warwick, Rhode Island. Garfield S. Wilson, FT1(SS) – Passed away October 17, 2009 in Homer, Michigan.
    Born: July 24, 1935 in Canada.
    Blue Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1969 to 1972.
    Survived by his wife Sharon, three sons and two daughters.
    Career History: Served in the U.S. Army, then enlisted in the U.S. Navy to serve
    Aboard Nuclear Submarines. Retired as FTC(SS). After the military, Garfield worked
    for 24 yearsas a Tool and Dye maker. Robert James Wilson Sr., FTB1(SS) – Passed away August 30, 1014 in Goose Creek, South
    Born: Mar 12, 1951.
    Nickname: “Bob”.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1970 to 1974.
    Survived by wife Joyce, daughters Elizabeth, Angie, Julie and sons Robert Jr. and
    Buried at Whispering Pines Cemetery in Strawberry, South Carolina. Neal Edward Winn, LT (MO) – Passed away May 09, 2010 in Kailua, Hawaii.
    Born: Aug 08, 1938.
    Gold Crew. Medical Officer.
    Dates Aboard: 1965 to 1966.
    Survived by his sons Michael and Christopher. Herbert Hoover Wise Jr., MS3(SS) – Passed away December 23, 2009 in Lompoc,
    Born: May 21, 1951.
    Nickname: “Sluggo”.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1974 to 1978.
    Survived by his son Michael and Goddaughter Lisa.
    Buried with full military honors at Lompoc Evergreen Cemetery in Lompoc, California. Earl Renaud Thaddeus Wolf, YN3(SS) – Passed away January 19, 2011 in Charleston,
    South Carolina.
    Born: Sep 15 1950.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1972 to 1973.
    Survived by his wife Deborah and 2 sons, James William Patrick Wolf
    and Stephen Joseph Wolf.
    Buried at Carolina Memorial Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina. Donald William Wolfe, ET1(SS) – Passed away of cancer on April 3, 2016 in Grand
    Junction, Colorado
    Nickname: Bill.
    Born: March 21, 1944 in Hadley, Mercer Co, Pennsylvania.
    Blue Crew
    Dates Aboard: 1965 to 1966
    Survived by his wife Audrey, sons Christophe and Jason, 2 granddaughters, and sisters Elizabeth Ann Joanna Ruth, Carol,, and Mary Lou.
    Career History: Bill graduated from Commodore Perry Joint Area School In 1962, and entered the U.S. Navy where he served as a Reactor Technician on nuclear submarines until 1968. He then earned a BS degree from University of Colorado. He worked for various insurance and investment firms throughout his career. David Michael Woodall, MT2(SS) – Passed away January 18, 2000 in Franklin, North
    Born: Apr 13, 1954.
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1974.
    Survived by wife Lizbeth, daughters Hilary, Tiffany, Darylyn, Jessalyn and sons
    Justin and Cressler.
    Ashes interred at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.
    Career History: Achieved rank of Chief Petty Officer, MTC(SS). Kenneth Henry Wright, MTC(SS) – Passed away October 7, 2015 in Mystic Connecticut
    after a waging and valiant battle with cancer.
    Born: 1952 in Cincinnati, Ohio
    Gold Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1984 to 1986.
    Survived by wife Cynthia; sons Will and Ken; siblings Bobby, Karen, William, and
    John; and a number of nieces and nephews.
    Buried at Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic Connecticut with full military honors.
    Career History: Joined the Navy in 1970 and served aboard the USS Henry Clay
    (SSBN625), USS Thomas Jefferson (SSBN618), USS Nevada (733), USS Ulysses S.
    Grant (SSBN631) and USS Alexander Hamilton (SSBN617). He retired from the Navy
    in 1991 as a Chief Petty Officer. After retirement he was employed at Foxwoods
    Casino as a floor supervisor until his retirement in April 2014. Howard G. Wurzbacher, MT1(SS) – Passed away May 30, 2001 in Greensburg,
    Born: Oct 23, 1928.
    Nickname: “Wurz”.
    Blue Crew Plank Owner. Lead Missile Tech on Blue Commissiong Crew.
    Dates Aboard: 1963 to 1966.
    Survived by wife Alice, four children, Howard G. Jr., Cindy, Karren Banyas, Amand
    Barne and eight grandchildren.
    Career History: Howard was born October 23, 1928 in Duquesne, PA, son of Robert
    and Johanna Wurzbacher. He served 22 years in the Navy and retired as a Chief Petty
    Officer. After his naval service, he worked for Bell Telephone Company for nineteen
    years. Howard was an excellent leader and admired by all his shipmates. Walter Robert Yoho, TM1(SS) – Passed away September 1, 1997 in Oregon.
    Born: July 18, 1939.
    Gold Crew Plank Owner.
    Dates Aboard: 1963 to 1965.
    Career History: Retired as Chief Torpedoman, TMC(SS).
    Buried at LaPine Cemetery in LaPine, Oregon. John R. Young, TMC(SS) – Passed away March 26, 2001 in Bremerton, Washington
    Born: November. 28, 1934, in Peach Orchard, Arkansas
    Gold Crew, as TM1(SS)
    Dates Aboard: 1967 to 1969
    Career History: John graduated from Manila High School in Tillamook, Oregon He served in
    the Navy from 1956 to 1976, achieving the rank of Torpedoman Chief, and was awarded the
    Good Conduct Medal with four stars and the Meritorious Unit Citation. He later was a missile
    inspector for Lockheed Missile and Space Co. J ohn L. Zavadil, LCDR – Passed away peacefully at home on October 22, 2016.
    Born: February 9,1939, in Humphrey, Nebraska.
    Nickname: Les
    Blue Crew ETR3(SU) Plank Owner
    Dates Aboard; 1963 to 1964
    Survived by his wife Deborah Children David, Cathy, Amy and Maria, 6 grandchildren, 1 great child, and siblings, Jon; Yvonne; Anne; Ruth; Bill; and Hugh;, and numerous nieces and nephews
    Preceded in death by his brother, Don
    Buried with Military Honors in Arlington National Cemetery
    Career History: Les graduated from the University of New Mexico with a BS in Engineering. He received a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA. He served in the United States Navy for 21 years, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Commander. During his service, he was stationed on the USS Meredith DD 890 in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam War. After retiring from the Navy in 1981, Les worked for Comptek Federal Systems in Arlington, VA. He also spent 5 years in NJ working for ITT Avionics in Nutley, NJ. Following his years in NJ he returned to Arlington again to work for Comptek Federal Systems. He retired to Rocky Mount, NC in 1995 with his wife, Debby, and quickly became involved in the community. Les helped charter Branch 204 of the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA), serving as its President and Secretary/Treasurer. He was active on the Regional and National levels of the FRA, serving as the East Coast Regional President in 2001. Les was also an active member of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), the Tin Can Sailors Association and USS Meredith Association. Les was a member of the VFW in Rocky Mount, NC and the American Legion in Goldsboro, NC, as well as numerous Ham Radio Associations. As an active Ham Radio operator, he was involved in local ham radio activities and served as an officer in both the Rocky Mount, NC and Wilson, NC Ham Radio Clubs.
    Les was involved in NC Legislative affairs involving retired Military personnel and was an active member of the NC Veterans Association and a Legislative organization called The Fourth Branch. Donald Frank Zimmerman, HMC(SS) – Passed away June 22, 2009 in Goldsboro, North
    Born: Aug 10 1930.
    Nickname: “Doc”.
    Blue Crew Plank Owner.
    Dates Aboard: 1963 to 1966.
    Survived by wife Rose and three children, Donna, Gerald and Samuel and their