Ed Farris. Association PresidentFrom: Ed Farris, USS Grant Alumni Assoc. President
To: All USS Grant Alumni Assoc. Members

Hello Shipmates,

Great news, the 2021 reunion location has been identified and we are already working on a few things that will make this a great reunion to attend.

This is pushing up the north east coast almost as far as we have tried in recent years.  The goal is to get some of the New England shipmates to come down for at least the land based portion of the reunion.  We are also trying to attract shipmates from the 1980’s through decomm.

If you know a shipmate from that time, reach out to me (your friend President) so we can create a campaign to engage with all of these shipmates and let them know we are trying to get a large number of folks engaged.

As noted in my previous post, if you want to help out the organization, please consider the role of Reunion Coordinator.  Larry Jordan has done an outstanding job for many years (with help from some wonderful people).  Without someone willing to step into the primary role, we will continue to have reunion’s; however, they will have to change (without someone to dedicate some time to making it truly special).

That’s all for now, more coming soon.