Ed Farris. Association PresidentFrom: Ed Farris, USS Grant Alumni Assoc. President
To: All USS Grant Alumni Assoc. Members

Hello Shipmates,

As you may or may not know, we have had some transitions that have either taken place already or will be occurring in the near future.

John Hnizdel has stepped down from his role as VP and Membership Coordinator – new in this role is Jim DeBlasio.  Jim is new and is working to continue the good work John has done.  Please work with him on any updates to membership that you are aware of.

Mike McHugh has stepped down from his role as Webmaster and Tim Pacl has agree (maybe reluctantly) to take over.  We expect to see positive changes to the site and incorporating other aspects of social media soon.

Larry Jordan has indicated the 2019 reunion is the last that he will lead and drive.  He has an offer of guidance (though not involvement) in the 2021 reunion.  His wife, Ruth, will remain (at least for 2021) to provide guidance and tactical support.  Larry has produced multiple procedures that will be very beneficial for anyone stepping into this role.  We must get someone to address this activity soon.  Please contact me if you are interested.

Ron Lischak has had some health issues of late and while he has not indicated he is planning on stepping down, he made me realize we need to get our act together.  As such, I am in the process of establishing a Transition Committee and appointing a single member to work on identifying the next wave of leadership for our association.

That’s all for now, be back soon.